Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I posted a blog last year about the best holiday ever, I won't bore you with all the details about Thanksgiving, but just say how excited I am to spend some time with my family for a much needed break. I also wanted to post this clip from Mormon Messages which was shot at Times Square in New York.

How I would have responded to this interview...I am thankful for my sweet wife and loving children. I am also very thankful to have a job and the opportunity to serve in my church.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Latest Creation

At Enrichment Meeting last month we had a goods and services auction. The thing I offered at the auction was that I would make and decorate a cake for someone. A member of the Young Women Presidency won it, and asked me to make a shoe cake - any kind of shoe. They were having a Personal Progress meeting or something (obviously, I am not in YW), and the theme was around shoes. Oh, and they wanted me to use all the YW colors. It was quite a challenge for me to come up with something, but with the help of the internet, it turned out alright.

I know - if I took this many pictures, it obviously took me way too long...oh well, I need something to remember all day yesterday by.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Another Halloween has come and gone, and we have more candy in our house than food. At least for a day or so.
Hanna saw this Rubix Cube costume on the internet (thank you Liz), and that was the only thing she would possibly be this year. She has recently mastered the Rubix Cube, and can solve them amazingly fast. She made this costume herself (okay, I helped a little.)

Gavin was Darth Vadar, and Gunnar was a ninja. They are such boys...always want to look tough!
Lily was Tinker Bell and Gracie was a bride. This was Lily Sue's first time out trick or treating like a big kid. It was really cute. She stayed right with all the big kids - as long as I held her hand (awwww). She stared with wide eyes and made very wide circles around any scary looking costumes. Gracie got to go out with just her dad this year - she says he's her prince. I love it!

Lily tried on the Rubix cube, and then couldn't walk without falling over.
We had a great Halloween. Now I just need to perfect my candy-stashing skills.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hanna and Gavin did a triathalon last month. (Gunnar had scouts that day.) It was so adorable. The people running it only started 10 children at a time, so it was fairly non-competitive, but the kids all had a great time, and we are proud of them for their great effort. Neither JD nor I have ever even tried a triathalon. So, way to go kids!

Gavin transitioning from his swim to his bike ride.

Hanna biking 1.5 miles!

Hanna and Gavin crossing the finish line together.

Hanna's race actually started and finished before Gavin ever started, so after she had already finished, Hanna went back and waited by the side of the trail for Gavin, so they could run-in and cross the finish line together.

They both got metals. It was so much fun! Great job guys!

Pinewood Derby

Our ward actually had a Pinewood Derby. We have been here for six years now and this was the first one that we can remember. JD and the boys set out to make the derby cars and as they were sitting in Grandpa's shop, JD admitted to the boys he had no idea what he was doing. He had his old derby car with him and each boy had their block of wood, Gunnar asked him how he had made his car to which JD replied, "I didn't make this car, as a matter of fact I never even saw the car until the night of the derby and then I wasn't even allowed to touch it until the race was over." We had some friends help carve the cars but then JD and the boys painted and put the wheels and stickers on. Gavin's car took 5th place and Gunnar took 6th out of about 12 boys. Although, Gunnar won a prize for the "fastest looking car". JD considered that a moral victory...

Flag Football

Gunnar and Gavin both played flag football for the first time and they ended up on the same team. They had lots of "fun" (isn't that what it suppose to happen). JD was a little more relaxed then baseball season for some reason. Probably because the boys actually played pretty well.

Gunnar playing quarterback and Gavin is playing runningback over Gunnar's sholder.

JD and the boys.

Finally some NY photos

Had 176 photos floating inside our digital camera. Remember the days when you took 24 pictures and actually had them developed. Digital has been nice, besides storing hundreds of photos, you noticed how much longer it takes to actually take pictures..."stand here, let me look through the view finder, ok hold still look at me (snap picture), wait, let me look at the picture, oh wait, one strand of hair was sticking up, let me take another picture (snap), let me look, wait that guy in the background was doing a raise the roof sign, let me snap another picture (snap)...you get the idea, it just takes longer...anyway here are a few photos from our New York trip.

JD (up) and Tasha (down) in Central Park.

Tasha sitting on the Subway. We actually got unlimited subway passes each day and took the subway just about everywhere we went.

JD waiting for the subway.

JD on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That place was ginormous, but very cool.

JD in front of one of Vincent Van Gogh's "Haystacks". Out of the thousands and thousands of pieces of art, this was one of the only ones we recognized. We also saw original Picassos and Rembrandts just to name a few. Pretty amazing.

Radio City Music Hall. That's Tasha on the corner under the umbrella. It rained most of the time we were in New York. Tasha was looking for little orphan Annie...

Tasha at the heart of Times Square.

We watched a few segments of the Today Show. Here we are right behind Matt Lauer and Al Roker. They are both very short...Al is maybe 5'7"

This parking garage was near our hotel and so every time we walked by we stopped and considered what it took to park your car in the city every day. It was simply an elevator system that cost $25 a day.

Outside the NBC studios building. We were actually approached and asked if we would sit in on a Dr. Oz Show taping, it was raining and so we did. We missed it when the show aired, but it wasn't a great show. The whole time inside the studios, we were looking for Tina Fey, or wait, was it Sarah Palin...anyway, didn't see anyone famous.

Statue of Liberty from Battery Park view. The water was pretty rough and it was raining so we elected not to take the boat ride over to the island.

This was also taken at Battery Park, we were actually at Ground Zero on September 11 although this was the only picture we took. There really isn't much at Ground Zero to take photos of. There were several soldiers and memorials around the site. It was a very sobering feeling to be on location. We still felt the spirit of the memorials and are so appreciative of the service men and women that did so much that day.

The Manhattan Temple. Right across the street from the Lincoln Center and the Julliard School of Dance. We did some sealings one day we were there and had a great experience. President Kimball purchased the proper in the early 70's and it was a chapel for many years before being converted into a temple and dedicated in 2004.

Sadly, this is the only picture of the two of us together. We were just coming out of watching Wicked on Broadway. It was a great show and we were so happy we made the effort to go.

Times Square at night after seeing Wicked.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crazy Summer

We've done a pathetic job of keeping up with our blog this summer. We actually had a great summer with tons of travel, both me and the family. I use to enjoy a moderate amount of travel...not so much anymore. I try and take the family or a kid or two with me when I can. Here is a run down of our summer:


  1. Go to Las Vegas for 3 days for work. Take family with me and meet up with Patti, her kids, and mom and Tony.
  2. Camping at Craters of the Moon with Josh and Liz (rained like crazy the entire time, loved the new camper)
  3. 3 trips to SLC and back


  1. Camping near Kelly Canyon
  2. JD trip to New York
  3. JD trip to Mesa, AZ
  4. JD trip to Nampa, ID
  5. Griffith Family reunion in McCall


  1. Leishman Family reunion in Island Park
  2. JD to Salt Lake meetings for two days
  3. Camping at Buffalo campground in Island Park
  4. JD and Hanna to SLC
  5. JD to Las Vegas
  6. JD to Mesa, AZ
  7. Fathers and Sons camp out at Wright Creek


  1. 3 days of camping in Yellowstone
  2. 4 days in New York with Tasha
  3. JD to Mesa, AZ
  4. JD to SLC

Pictures to come at some point. We have not downloaded our pictures for the summer, we have like 150 pictures in our camera right now...joy. Throw in bishopric and PhD classes and it was truly crazy but loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

We had our annual Griffith family Back to School Cake party and let the kids each design thier own cake...

We are not really sure what Gavin was designing...

Hanna is sooo excited to be in 6th grade, she wanted a Red and Gray Bobcat cake

Gunnar is a pretty simple kid, his cake just says "Go school"

Gracie had a little help from Tasha, but it was all her own idea. She really does light up a room.

This will be one of those pictures someday when Hanna says, "why did you let me leave the house like that?" Hanna is in the 6th grade, Gunnar is in 4th, Gavin is in 2nd, and Gracie is in pre-school. Gunnar and Gavin are about the same size but Gunnar was down-hill on this one.

Lily Turns Two

Well for the second year in a row, Lily didn't realize we celebrated her birthday a day late...are we terrible parents? Last year we had a family reunion and had to postpone her party, and this year Lily was sick on her birthday and so we just didn't tell her and had a party on the next day.

She lights up our family and is a joy to have around the house. She wanted a Dora the Explorer cake and so Tasha made a backpack cake.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday JD...we LOVE you!

Happy Birthday JD! We just want you to know how very much we love you. You are such a wonderful husband and father, and we are grateful everyday that you are ours.
JD works so hard to keep our lawn looking nice in the summer, and the snow cleared in the winter. He is a fabulous dish-doer, and tickle monster. He takes such good care of us.

He is such a wonderful husband. He always listens to me, and is constantly trying to keep us all happy - no small feat. I love how he can make me laugh even when I don't want to. He loves our children so much, and they know it. Happy, happy day!
We did a quiz for the kids today about their dad. Here are their answers...,

What makes dad happy?

Hanna: Beef Jerky.
Gunnar: Football.
Gavin: When we give him something he really likes.
Grace: If I give him kisses.

What makes dad sad?

Hanna: Loud kids.
Gunnar: Fighting.
Gavin: When we don’t do our jobs.
Grace: If I don’t give him kisses.

What makes dad laugh?

Hanna: Lily.
Gunnar: Grace.
Gavin: When Gunnar does the beaver face.
Grace: If I do a funny joke.

What is something dad always says to you?

Hanna: Be nice.
Gunnar: Choke up on the bat.
Gavin: We are NOT getting a puppy.
Grace: To clear my plate.

What was dad like as a child?

Hanna: A puppy person.
Gunnar: He liked playing baseball.
Gavin: He had blonde hair like me.
Grace: He was just like me.

How old is dad?

Hanna: 38
Gunnar: 38
Gavin: 37
Grace: 8

How tall is dad?

Hanna: 5’8”
Gunnar: 6’2”
Gavin: 6’2”
Grace: 80’

What does dad like to watch on TV?

Hanna: Football.
Gunnar: Football.
Gavin: College sports stuff.
Grace: Baseball and soccer ball and the one with a brown ball with white stripes.

What does dad do when he is at work?

Hanna: He works – a lot of things
Gunnar: Write on things.
Gavin: Work on the computer and go to meetings.
Grace: He talks to people, and he, like, does things on the computer.

If dad becomes famous, what will it be for?

Hanna: For the computer thing he is working on
Gunnar: His wrestling skills.
Gavin: Because he works a lot and does a lot of things people like.
Grace: He would do American Idol.

What is dad really good at?

Hanna: Football, baseball, etc.
Gunnar: Baseball.
Gavin: Baseball.
Grace: Doing paperwork.

What is dad not very good at?

Hanna: Agreeing to puppies.
Gunnar: Punishments, he makes them too hard.
Gavin: Making dinner.
Grace: Doing jobs.

What is dad's favorite food?

Hanna: Beef jerky.
Gunnar: Steak.
Gavin: Cowboy Caviar.
Grace: Sandwich.

If dad was a cartoon character, who would he be?

Hanna: Yosemite Sam.
Gunnar: Boog.
Gavin: Shaggy (in Scooby-doo).
Grace: Jack Attack.

What do you and dad do together?

Hanna: Daddy daughter dates.
Gunnar: Play catch.
Gavin: Ride bikes around.
Grace: We play dollies.

How are you and dad the same?

Hanna: Same hair color.
Gunnar: We both like baseball.
Gavin: We are both really good at riding bikes.
Grace: We both have brown hair.

How are you and dad different?

Hanna: He works.
Gunnar: He is taller than me.
Gavin: I really want a puppy and he really dosen’t.
Grace: We don’t have the same feet. His are big and mine are little.

How do you know dad loves you?

Hanna: He says so.
Gunnar: He teaches me a lot of things.
Gavin: Because he takes me to the movies and all that other stuff.
Grace: He thinks I’m a pretty princess.

Why did dad marry mom?

Hanna: Because of mom’s awesome good looks!
Gunnar: Because she is pretty.
Gavin: Because he liked her.
Grace: Cause you fell in love, he he he.

Where is dad's favorite place to go?

Hanna: Daddy daughter dates
Gunnar: Craters of the moon.
Gavin: Red Robin.
Grace: Sam’s Club.

What does dad want for his Birthday?

Hanna: Hugs and Kisses.
Gunnar: Movies.
Gavin: A lot of movies.
Grace: A cat.

We love you, Love Tasha