Friday, February 27, 2009

Airport Travel

I just got back from another whirlwind rush through airports. You know, I used to enjoy traveling, it was kind of fun and exciting but to be honest, not a big fan anymore. I hate driving long distances and I hate flying, so I'm kind of stuck.

This is the type of thing I think about when I'm at an airport...if I have just driven to the airport, parked my car in long term parking, and rode the shuttle bus to the airport, technically, am I not just arriving at the airport. Shouldn't I follow the arrival signs? Kind of like, "hey, welcome to the airport, glad you arrived." Then I get on the plane and fly to the next airport and when I land, technically, I am going to depart the airport, right? ... sorry, I get bored at airports.

Here is my latest trip through the security line and the wonderful TSA agents. I had to give a Powerpoint presentation and take a mini projector with me. At security, I pull out my laptop, liquids, take of my shoes and belt, empty my change, and even take off my watch and suit coat. I have a briefcase and a suitcase. I need like 4 trays. I walk through the detector with no problems, then...and I am not making this up...

Mrs. TSA agent..."Whose bag is this?"

Sheepish me...that's my bag.

TSA lady, "you have a projector in your bag"

obvious me...yes?

TSA lady, "you have to have the projector out of your bag so that I can see it"

obvious me...but if you can see it's a projector, why do I have to have it out of the bag?

TSA lady, "anything electronic, that you plug in, has to be removed from your bag"

I sit there quietly for a second contemplating then I respond knowing I left my cell phone in my briefcase...What about a cell phone or an electric razor?

TSA lady, "no, those do not have to be taken out of the bag?"

me..."oh, so those electronics, that I plug in, are different than the projector, which is an electronic and also plugged in?"

At this point, the TSA lady glares at me and my heart sinks for just a second thinking that I may spend the next two hours in Airport Jail. I close my mouth and quietly wait while a second TSA lady unzips my suitcase and begins to unload the projector. She heard most of the previous conversation and then proceeds to ask me (and I can't make this up) "are there cords with this projector?"

me..."you do realize it's an electronic?" For the second time in 2 short minutes, I think I might be headed to Airport Jail. Probably wouldn't look good on my BYU-I files. Nonetheless, its annoying to have them open up your suitcase in front of everyone. I miss the profiling days: I was dressed in a suit, wearing a white shirt, clean shaven, short hair, seriously do I look like a major threat? It takes me like 12 minutes to get everything back together. I keep my mouth shut for the rest of the time...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jackson Hole, WY

We headed over to Jackson Hole for President's Day. We make this trip two or three times a year. We shop a bit and then end up at the Rec Center in Jackson where they have a fun pool area with water slides, climbing wall, and fountains. It's a fun-filled day and we cap it off with dinner at Bubbas Barbecue.

Hanna loves climbing rock walls and has for years.

I can't put my arms down!

Think of the movie "The Christmas Story" and the little brother Ralphie whinning "I can't put my arms down." Well Lily Sue doesn't quite have the same whine to her voice, but the picture below was pretty accurate.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I discovered my new favorite website from a Superbowl ad:

It has links to NBC shows and other movies. I love the show The Office. In the last episode Stanely had a heart attack and this is a bonus clip...enjoy.

This bonus clip is just wrong in so many ways...

Super Bowl Sunday

I rarely watch NFL football from beginning to end. Occasionally I will turn on an NFL game on Sunday nights to help wind-down a bit (isn't it sad that I have to wind down on Sunday nights). My church calling takes a lot of my Sundays, especially Fast Sunday. I spent exactly 8 hours at church this past Sunday...ah the blessings.

When I was teaching marketing classes during winter semester, I loved Superbowl Sunday even more. I couldn't make an assignment out of watching tv on Sunday, but to be honest, I wanted to.

Here is generally how class would go.
(me to students) "how many of you are going to watch the Superbowl this Sunday?"
about half the hands in class would go up, some thinking "is this a trick question, it is on Sunday ya know"
(me to students) "I will definitely be watching, Superbowl Sunday is a marketers dream"
few more students acknowledge that they apparently misunderstood the question the first time around and do admit they will be watching. However there was always one or two students in the class with their arms folded, glaring at me (does that paint the picture of a female student?, if not sorry it wasn't more obvious)
(me to students) "We will be discussing Superbowl commercials on Monday, so do what you can to get a recap of the ads by then"
(arms folded, glaring students says) "What if I have church meetings during the game?"
(me thinking, seriously? Who schedules meetings on Superbowl Sunday? R.S. meeting?)
(me to student) "go online and get a recap of all the commercials"
(arms folded, glaring students says) "all the commercials? even the beer ones?"
(me thinking, yes!, they are usually the best ones, oh and don't forget the ones, you'll love those ones)
(me to student) "watch what you feel comfortable watching, but yes we will generally evaluate all the commercials"

So we sat down as a family on Sunday night and watched the Superbowl with my brother Josh and his wife, Liz. We had a great time. During the commercial breaks, I would constantly hush everyone; we did our talking and eating during the game. I still love the e-trade spots with the talking baby. Overall, its a great family activity with relatively clean entertainment, and the game wasn't too bad either.