Monday, May 25, 2009


We finally decided it was time to upgrade from our tent trailer to real-life camper. Problem was, we have lots kids and need lots of room but we didn't want lots of money going out the door. We have some good friends, Josh and Tara Clark, that wanted something similar so we decided to buy a camper together and split all the costs. The camper is a 29 foot 2002 Prowler, sleeps 8 (or 6 adults), heater, A/C, fridge, freezer, shower, so far so good.

Here is a photo of our tent trailer taken right before we sold it to some other friends of ours. We had some good times in this the last four years but we know it's going to a good family.

We finally got a chance to take the camper out for just one night as a test run. We were waiting for a stabilizer hitch for our Suburban but they didn't come in time so our friend Josh let us take his truck. The kids refer to this as the "Monster Truck". I'm actually not sure if they were more excited to camp in the new camper or ride in the Monster Truck.

The camper looks tiny compared to the truck, but it's actually pretty big and roomy. We had some faded logos and decals down the side but Josh decided to strip them off for now and we made add decals back on later. It is nice having a co-owner that is so talented.

sorry we didn't get too many photos of the inside...we will have plenty more trips this summer.