Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I rarely watch NFL football from beginning to end. Occasionally I will turn on an NFL game on Sunday nights to help wind-down a bit (isn't it sad that I have to wind down on Sunday nights). My church calling takes a lot of my Sundays, especially Fast Sunday. I spent exactly 8 hours at church this past Sunday...ah the blessings.

When I was teaching marketing classes during winter semester, I loved Superbowl Sunday even more. I couldn't make an assignment out of watching tv on Sunday, but to be honest, I wanted to.

Here is generally how class would go.
(me to students) "how many of you are going to watch the Superbowl this Sunday?"
about half the hands in class would go up, some thinking "is this a trick question, it is on Sunday ya know"
(me to students) "I will definitely be watching, Superbowl Sunday is a marketers dream"
few more students acknowledge that they apparently misunderstood the question the first time around and do admit they will be watching. However there was always one or two students in the class with their arms folded, glaring at me (does that paint the picture of a female student?, if not sorry it wasn't more obvious)
(me to students) "We will be discussing Superbowl commercials on Monday, so do what you can to get a recap of the ads by then"
(arms folded, glaring students says) "What if I have church meetings during the game?"
(me thinking, seriously? Who schedules meetings on Superbowl Sunday? R.S. meeting?)
(me to student) "go online and get a recap of all the commercials"
(arms folded, glaring students says) "all the commercials? even the beer ones?"
(me thinking, yes!, they are usually the best ones, oh and don't forget the godaddy.com ones, you'll love those ones)
(me to student) "watch what you feel comfortable watching, but yes we will generally evaluate all the commercials"

So we sat down as a family on Sunday night and watched the Superbowl with my brother Josh and his wife, Liz. We had a great time. During the commercial breaks, I would constantly hush everyone; we did our talking and eating during the game. I still love the e-trade spots with the talking baby. Overall, its a great family activity with relatively clean entertainment, and the game wasn't too bad either.


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Kathy Lee said...

You know you were watching the game...nice try! It was a fanatastic Super Bowl. Best in a long time. My favorite commercial was the Pepsi commercial with the Bob Dillon and Will I Am comparisons/song.Old generation and the new generation.