Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday JD...we LOVE you!

Happy Birthday JD! We just want you to know how very much we love you. You are such a wonderful husband and father, and we are grateful everyday that you are ours.
JD works so hard to keep our lawn looking nice in the summer, and the snow cleared in the winter. He is a fabulous dish-doer, and tickle monster. He takes such good care of us.

He is such a wonderful husband. He always listens to me, and is constantly trying to keep us all happy - no small feat. I love how he can make me laugh even when I don't want to. He loves our children so much, and they know it. Happy, happy day!
We did a quiz for the kids today about their dad. Here are their answers...,

What makes dad happy?

Hanna: Beef Jerky.
Gunnar: Football.
Gavin: When we give him something he really likes.
Grace: If I give him kisses.

What makes dad sad?

Hanna: Loud kids.
Gunnar: Fighting.
Gavin: When we don’t do our jobs.
Grace: If I don’t give him kisses.

What makes dad laugh?

Hanna: Lily.
Gunnar: Grace.
Gavin: When Gunnar does the beaver face.
Grace: If I do a funny joke.

What is something dad always says to you?

Hanna: Be nice.
Gunnar: Choke up on the bat.
Gavin: We are NOT getting a puppy.
Grace: To clear my plate.

What was dad like as a child?

Hanna: A puppy person.
Gunnar: He liked playing baseball.
Gavin: He had blonde hair like me.
Grace: He was just like me.

How old is dad?

Hanna: 38
Gunnar: 38
Gavin: 37
Grace: 8

How tall is dad?

Hanna: 5’8”
Gunnar: 6’2”
Gavin: 6’2”
Grace: 80’

What does dad like to watch on TV?

Hanna: Football.
Gunnar: Football.
Gavin: College sports stuff.
Grace: Baseball and soccer ball and the one with a brown ball with white stripes.

What does dad do when he is at work?

Hanna: He works – a lot of things
Gunnar: Write on things.
Gavin: Work on the computer and go to meetings.
Grace: He talks to people, and he, like, does things on the computer.

If dad becomes famous, what will it be for?

Hanna: For the computer thing he is working on
Gunnar: His wrestling skills.
Gavin: Because he works a lot and does a lot of things people like.
Grace: He would do American Idol.

What is dad really good at?

Hanna: Football, baseball, etc.
Gunnar: Baseball.
Gavin: Baseball.
Grace: Doing paperwork.

What is dad not very good at?

Hanna: Agreeing to puppies.
Gunnar: Punishments, he makes them too hard.
Gavin: Making dinner.
Grace: Doing jobs.

What is dad's favorite food?

Hanna: Beef jerky.
Gunnar: Steak.
Gavin: Cowboy Caviar.
Grace: Sandwich.

If dad was a cartoon character, who would he be?

Hanna: Yosemite Sam.
Gunnar: Boog.
Gavin: Shaggy (in Scooby-doo).
Grace: Jack Attack.

What do you and dad do together?

Hanna: Daddy daughter dates.
Gunnar: Play catch.
Gavin: Ride bikes around.
Grace: We play dollies.

How are you and dad the same?

Hanna: Same hair color.
Gunnar: We both like baseball.
Gavin: We are both really good at riding bikes.
Grace: We both have brown hair.

How are you and dad different?

Hanna: He works.
Gunnar: He is taller than me.
Gavin: I really want a puppy and he really dosen’t.
Grace: We don’t have the same feet. His are big and mine are little.

How do you know dad loves you?

Hanna: He says so.
Gunnar: He teaches me a lot of things.
Gavin: Because he takes me to the movies and all that other stuff.
Grace: He thinks I’m a pretty princess.

Why did dad marry mom?

Hanna: Because of mom’s awesome good looks!
Gunnar: Because she is pretty.
Gavin: Because he liked her.
Grace: Cause you fell in love, he he he.

Where is dad's favorite place to go?

Hanna: Daddy daughter dates
Gunnar: Craters of the moon.
Gavin: Red Robin.
Grace: Sam’s Club.

What does dad want for his Birthday?

Hanna: Hugs and Kisses.
Gunnar: Movies.
Gavin: A lot of movies.
Grace: A cat.

We love you, Love Tasha


melanie said...

happy birthday old man!!!!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday JD, man- you are old! Ha Ha - hope you have a wonderful day!

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday JD, man- you are old! Ha Ha - hope you have a wonderful day!

J.D. said...

For the record, I am only 37...not sure why my two oldest kids don't know that!