Wednesday, July 8, 2009 last

Summer is finally here and I am drinking it all in. I love all the colors and having the kids around me - although the house pays the price. We try to get out as much as possible.

A few weeks ago we went camping at Craters of the Moon with Josh and Liz. We had a great time except for the constant rain...Josh and Liz's tent filled up with water on the down-hill side and they had soaked clothing the next day. From left to right, Gunnar, Liz, Josh, Gracie, Gavin

Lily Sue and JD

Some of the underground caves we went into were actually filled with water, so we had to stick to the above-ground exploring.
My boys are so strong. That tree had no chance....:)

JD finally found another lawn-mowing buddy. Gunnar and Gavin used to always come out and tag along with him when he mowed the lawn, but Grace has had no interest. Lily Sue discovered the little mower in the garage and has been following him ever since.

My flowers have finally filled in and have been so pretty this summer. I have enjoyed them thoroughly. The little girls and I go outside almost daily to see if any new ones have opened.

I hope it lasts! - Tasha

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