Tuesday, June 30, 2009

THE Family Jaw Breaker

This is kind of gross, I know, but here you go anyway. Gunnar won one of these 3 inch jaw breakers on of the last day of school. He brings the thing home and the other kids are soooo jealous, I had no idea it was such a big deal. Anyway Gunnar works on this thing for a few days until his tongue is raw. I find the jaw breaker all over the house in random spots. Pretty soon he gets a little bored with it...suddenly, I see Gavin working on it (yes its true) and guess what, low and behold Gracie starts working on it. Hanna even takes a turn. Lily, well let's just say Lily worked on it all along, every time someone put it down, Lily would have the thing in her mouth. I tried to throw the thing away a couple of times, but I swear the kids would pull it out of the garbage...it was like a summer zucchini from the Home Teachers, that gets passed from family to family, or in this case kid to kid. Anyway here is a photo of the jaw breaker before it was finally finished off (I think Gavin actually ended up with it). The good news is, we have Christmas ideas now...one jaw breaker makes them all happy.

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melanie said...

oooooohhhh.....i hate those jawbreakers. i had one when i was about 12 and i got the flu the next day. so now i can't stand to look at those without feeling sick.