Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Another Halloween has come and gone, and we have more candy in our house than food. At least for a day or so.
Hanna saw this Rubix Cube costume on the internet (thank you Liz), and that was the only thing she would possibly be this year. She has recently mastered the Rubix Cube, and can solve them amazingly fast. She made this costume herself (okay, I helped a little.)

Gavin was Darth Vadar, and Gunnar was a ninja. They are such boys...always want to look tough!
Lily was Tinker Bell and Gracie was a bride. This was Lily Sue's first time out trick or treating like a big kid. It was really cute. She stayed right with all the big kids - as long as I held her hand (awwww). She stared with wide eyes and made very wide circles around any scary looking costumes. Gracie got to go out with just her dad this year - she says he's her prince. I love it!

Lily tried on the Rubix cube, and then couldn't walk without falling over.
We had a great Halloween. Now I just need to perfect my candy-stashing skills.

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