Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hanna and Gavin did a triathalon last month. (Gunnar had scouts that day.) It was so adorable. The people running it only started 10 children at a time, so it was fairly non-competitive, but the kids all had a great time, and we are proud of them for their great effort. Neither JD nor I have ever even tried a triathalon. So, way to go kids!

Gavin transitioning from his swim to his bike ride.

Hanna biking 1.5 miles!

Hanna and Gavin crossing the finish line together.

Hanna's race actually started and finished before Gavin ever started, so after she had already finished, Hanna went back and waited by the side of the trail for Gavin, so they could run-in and cross the finish line together.

They both got metals. It was so much fun! Great job guys!

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