Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crazy Summer

We've done a pathetic job of keeping up with our blog this summer. We actually had a great summer with tons of travel, both me and the family. I use to enjoy a moderate amount of travel...not so much anymore. I try and take the family or a kid or two with me when I can. Here is a run down of our summer:


  1. Go to Las Vegas for 3 days for work. Take family with me and meet up with Patti, her kids, and mom and Tony.
  2. Camping at Craters of the Moon with Josh and Liz (rained like crazy the entire time, loved the new camper)
  3. 3 trips to SLC and back


  1. Camping near Kelly Canyon
  2. JD trip to New York
  3. JD trip to Mesa, AZ
  4. JD trip to Nampa, ID
  5. Griffith Family reunion in McCall


  1. Leishman Family reunion in Island Park
  2. JD to Salt Lake meetings for two days
  3. Camping at Buffalo campground in Island Park
  4. JD and Hanna to SLC
  5. JD to Las Vegas
  6. JD to Mesa, AZ
  7. Fathers and Sons camp out at Wright Creek


  1. 3 days of camping in Yellowstone
  2. 4 days in New York with Tasha
  3. JD to Mesa, AZ
  4. JD to SLC

Pictures to come at some point. We have not downloaded our pictures for the summer, we have like 150 pictures in our camera right Throw in bishopric and PhD classes and it was truly crazy but loved every minute of it.

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