Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

We had our annual Griffith family Back to School Cake party and let the kids each design thier own cake...

We are not really sure what Gavin was designing...

Hanna is sooo excited to be in 6th grade, she wanted a Red and Gray Bobcat cake

Gunnar is a pretty simple kid, his cake just says "Go school"

Gracie had a little help from Tasha, but it was all her own idea. She really does light up a room.

This will be one of those pictures someday when Hanna says, "why did you let me leave the house like that?" Hanna is in the 6th grade, Gunnar is in 4th, Gavin is in 2nd, and Gracie is in pre-school. Gunnar and Gavin are about the same size but Gunnar was down-hill on this one.

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