Monday, November 10, 2008


The Seven Tag

JD’s list of “THE SEVENs TAG”
Seven t.v. shows I watch...
1-The Office
3-Pushing Daisies
4-My Own Worst Enemy
5-Saturday Night College Football
6-Sunday Night Football
7-College Gameday on ESPN (eventhough I don't get to watch this much, still one of the best shows on tv)

Seven things I did yesterday...(Saturday)
1-Homework (finished a paper…yea!)
2-Cleaned house
3-Took all 5 kids to a movie by myself (Igor, wouldn’t recommend)
4-Tilled the garden
5-Raked leaves
6-Watched Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State
7-Ate Craigo’s pizza for dinner

Seven things I am looking forward to...
1-Finishing another PhD class (only another 15 months to go)
2-Thanksgiving (by far the best holiday ever!)
3-Thanksgiving break (four days off, lots of food and football)
4-Date night with Tasha
5-Weekly Temple trips
6-Sunday dinners
7-Sunday afternoon nap

Seven things on my wish list...
1-New bumper on car
2-Warm weather
3-Finishing my PhD
4-More time to study scriptures
5-More date nights with Tasha
6-Bigger water heater (too many kids, not enough hot water)
7-Three car garage

Seven favorite foods
5-Chocolate chip and peanut butter pancakes
6-Terryiaki hamburgers (from Red Robin)
7-No bake cookies

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