Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Best Holiday Ever

• Is there truly a better holiday than Thanksgiving? Most people get 4 days off, guaranteed every year, you can’t even say that about Christmas.
• You can mill around the house all day long snacking on relish trays (unless you’re at the Leishman’s house, apparently relish trays are off limits until meal time; isn’t that the purpose of relish trays, to dabble in small finger food prior to the big dance? And the weird part is the relish tray is made first thing in the morning and it just sits there all day saying “please partaketh of me” but one little snitch and you’re relegated to the kids table for dinner.)
• Anyway, back to Thanksgiving, you can watch football on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
• It’s the only time you can eat cold pumpkin pie for breakfast and nobody flinches except for those that don’t like cold pumpkin pie for breakfast.
• Families get together; however this is only good if you really know the family well. Remember those awkward Thanksgivings where you had to go over to someone else’s house and eat with distant cousins and random people? You were forced to sit for like 8 hours with hardly anything to talk about, hence put some football on the tv and let that be the bond, although that wasn’t even a safe bet, there was always some dork cousin that thought he understood football and wouldn’t stop talking and analyzing the game doing his best John Madden impressions along the way.
• I digress once again, Thanksgiving is the best still.
• Who can forget Turkey Bowls? Rolling out of bed at about 9 a.m. and heading off to the local slightly damp grass field to gather with a bunch of guys to play a little flag football. I got a few people together to play last year, mostly Priests and Teachers from my ward. We played for three hours straight; couldn’t walk for 4 days after that however.
• Thanksgiving dinner at 2, nap at 3. Seriously though, how is this not called “Glory, Glory Halleluiah Day."
• Making stuffing is truly a work of art. Some people have it and some don’t. You just know when you have good stuffing.
• Black Friday. So last year Tasha heads out to her first black Friday ever. Says the misses “Do you mind if I get up a 4 a.m. and go shopping? (me thinking, I don’t care if you get up at 4 a.m. for a root canal, just don’t wake me up) I will be back by noon and you can let the kids hang out and watch tv (me thinking, the kids won't be the only ones hanging out watching tv; pumpkin pie for breakfast anyone?) I would like to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible and get I’ll get tons of good deals (me thinking, why not get up at 3 then?) I’ll even take the baby with me so I can nurse her (me thinking, you had me at hello)


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melanie said...

i've never been shopping on black friday. maybe we should start a new leishman family girl tradition!!!