Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hanna and Me at the trunk-or-treat

The kids loved our "scary" pumpkin we carved for family home evening.

Hanna was a "Purple Rock Star" - several people we know didn't even recognize her!

Grace was Tinker Bell

Gunnar was a Dementor (Harry Potter), and Gavin was a vampire (Twilight)

Lily Sue was a poodle - she was so amazed that people kept putting candy into her little pumpkin.

JD was the official "candy man" at the trunk-or-treat. He loves to dress up!


Jenny said...

Tasha and J.D. it has been a long time since I have seen you but you look the same. Your children are beautiful. I can't believe old Hanna is! You look like you are all having a great life!

Patti Epperson said...

I love your quote from Bruce R McConkie. It's so true. Thanks for reminding me what I should be doing right now instead of being on the internet! J/K The kids look great. I didn't know Gavin had read Twilight. Vampires don't look like that! I love you!