Saturday, November 15, 2008

Job Change

No I'm not moving or even getting a really big pay raise, but I've been asked to take on a new assignment in our division. Many of my family actually don't even know what I do now so for those already falling asleep, careful not to drool on the keyboard. I am now going to be the Director of Distant Site Education...woo hoo, I know exciting title. I will help place student teachers in their last semester of college into elementary and secondary classes. We have partner schools in Salt Lake, Las Vegas, and Mesa, Arizon that take our student teachers. I just spent four days and three nights, driving exactly 1,986 miles getting the low down on the new job.

I drove with my co-worker that has been doing student placements for the last four years. He is a major road-warrior. Loves to drive; me, not so much. Spent 12 hours in the car yesterday driving home from Flagstaff, AZ...12 hours! Toward the end I was leaning forward in my car seat trying to stretch my back out; says he "does your back hurt often when driving?" Says me, "I don't know, never spent 12 hours in a car before." Needless to say, as soon as I take over the job, I'll be using a great thing called an airplane.

The student teacher placement will be the side note to this job. I am actually heading up a new initiative to take online degrees to members of the church that can't come to a BYU school. This will be a bit more fun. It's a brand new assignment and I will be working under the direction of the President and V.P.'s on campus so I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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