Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gunnar's B-day

Gunnar turned 9 last week. He's a great boy, lots of fun to have around. We are on the end stretch of one birthday a month. Our kids' birthdays are January, February, March, and April and so by the time we finally get to Gunnar, we are kind of partied out (and pratically broke), but Gunnar takes it all in stride.

We took Gunnar and some of his pals to play Lazer Tag. Hanna and Gavin tagged along too. Gunnar requested Alien cupcakes for his birthday, I guess because of the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, so that wasa a challenge for Tasha to figure out.

The cupcakes were made with a big marshmellow and donut hole...Tasha really has fun with it all and so do the kids.


Mitchells Sun Valley said...

Those 'aliens' would stay alien & uneaten in my they are truly CREEPY! Good job, Tash!!

McCall@Maui said...

Happy Birthday Gunnar, we love you! Good job Tash, you have another year to prepare, and to come up with more creative cake/cupcake ideas. By the way, Hanna is looking so old in the pictures it makes us sad.