Thursday, April 30, 2009


I heard Gavin saying "Lily go show mommy," I turned around, and I will admit I freaked out a little bit...I had no idea what that stuff in her hair was! It looks like the biggest glob of gum I have ever seen.As soon as I started pulling on it I realized it was not gum (thank heaven) but something called "flarp" (it is this gooey stuff that is supposed to stay in its little container, and when you poke it, it makes obscene sounds.)
Well, we had a friend over that day who convinced Gavin to try to play basketball with it...what!?
Needless to say, Lily was in the line of fire. - This is after I worked on her hair for 10 minutes or so...A bath came next, and thankfully the little hair she has is still attatched to her head.

At least it wasn't gum, but the "Flarp" may get lost soon.


melanie said...

thanks goodness it wasn't gum!!!

Mitchells Sun Valley said...

We are so happy to see that Lily got to keep her beautiful hair!! Is she getting apple cheeks?