Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Tasha

So I went around and interviewed the kids one at a time over the weekend and I asked them some questions about Tasha. Interesting to get the perspective of the kids. They love their mom and she is truly a great mother. Here are their responses:

What makes mom happy?
Hanna: Quiet kids at home.
Gunnar: Quiet.
Gavin: When I help her make dinner.
Grace: When we be nice to her and help her.

What makes mom sad?
Hanna: Loud kids at home.
Gunnar: Noise.
Gavin: When she makes dinner and I don’t eat it.
Grace: If we spank her.

What makes mom laugh?
Hanna: My hilarious jokes.
Gunnar: Jokes.
Gavin: When I do something funny.
Grace: Tickle her really hard.

What is something mom always says to you?
Hanna: Be quiet.
Gunnar: Make your bed.
Gavin: Clean up your room.
Grace: Be kind to Lily.

What was mom like as a child?
Hanna: She liked to dance.
Gunnar: Like Hanna.
Gavin: Creative and funny.
Grace: She liked going to her Grandma’s house.

How old will mom be on her birthday?
Hanna: 34
Gunnar: 35
Gavin: 33
Grace: 89

How tall is mom?
Hanna: 5’2”
Gunnar: 5’6” (nailed it!)
Gavin: 6’7”
Grace: This tall (standing on a chair and holding her arms up).

What does mom like to watch on TV?
Hanna: Chuck
Gunnar: Ellen
Gavin: Charlie Brown
Grace: Deal or No Deal

What does mom do when you are at school?
Hanna: Clean.
Gunnar: Laundry.
Gavin: Clean.
Grace: Play with Lily.

If mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
Hanna: Having her own TV show.
Gunnar: Sewing.
Gavin: Making good dinners.
Grace: Because she wanted to be a Rock Star.

What is mom really good at?
Hanna: Being awesome.
Gunnar: Cooking.
Gavin: Cleaning up the house.
Grace: Artist.

What is mom not very good at?
Hanna: I don’t know.
Gunnar: Pitching.
Gavin: Jump rope.
Grace: Gymnastics.

What is mom's favorite food?
Hanna: Lasagna.
Gunnar: Waffles.
Gavin: Everything.
Grace: Ham & Turkey.

If mom was a cartoon character, who would she be?
Hanna: Daisy Duck.
Gunnar: Snoopy.
Gavin: Sally (on Charlie Brown)
Grace: Tom & Jerry.

What do you and mom do together?
Hanna: Go shopping.
Gunnar: Play board games.
Gavin: Play games.
Grace: Play dolls and house.

How are you and mom the same?
Hanna: We are both girls.
Gunnar: We are on the Griffith Team.
Gavin: Both like doing laundry (???)
Grace: Same hair color.

How are you and mom different?
Hanna: I’m crazy and energetic.
Gunnar: She doesn’t want a dog.
Gavin: She’s a girl and I’m a boy.
Grace: We are not the same size.

How do you know mom loves you?
Hanna: She says so.
Gunnar: Cooks for me.
Gavin: Because she is nice to me.
Grace: She always tells me.

Why did mom marry dad?
Hanna: Because dad is cute.
Gunnar: Because dad is cute (their words, not mine, honest!)
Gavin: Because you liked each other.
Grace: Because she loves him.

Where is mom's favorite place to go?
Hanna: Mall.
Gunnar: Mall.
Gavin: Restaurants.
Grace: Dairy Queen (nailed it!)

What does mom want for her Birthday?
Hanna: Quiet kids.
Gunnar: Earrings.
Gavin: A robot that does all of her chores for her (nailed it!)
Grace: Lotion.


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Tasha! I loved those answers. Have a wonderful day!

Mitchells Sun Valley said...

Ok, the whole office loved the Q&A session! Couldn't help but notice the same theme running through several of their comments!! Have A Happy!

McCalltoMaui said...

Happy Birthday Tash! We like clean and quite homes too!

Patti Epperson said...

I love those answers! I heart DQ too! I still can't believe it wasn't open that one day we went there. Hope you had a wonderful birthday with great kids. Hope to see you all soon!