Thursday, April 15, 2010

Too Cute

So, my little girls love to play house almost daily. It is so fun to watch because it reminds me of being a little girl and playing with Tamie. We would play dolls, house, restaurant, any sort of make I love watching these two play. This picture is one morning that Lily was being the Dad and making us call her JD, and Grace was the mom - but her name was Aliya (not sure where that came from). There is one main rule in the kitchen at our house - stay off the table (bar). Lily is constantly trying to see if I am serious about rules...and then trying to tie me around her little finger to get out of trouble. Look at that face! I think it worked this time.
Gavin got new glasses. It is so funny because he has always wanted them. Who would have thought! In this picture he is also modeling his "get out of my face" expression, or is that the "you are an idiot" expression...they are pretty close.
And here are my two sweeties again. They are at such a fun picture age. They were modeling mine and Hanna's fluffy socks. I got about 5 pictures, I know, I am in trouble.
And here is the little "schmunchkin" as we call her. The other day she came up to me and said, "Daddy calls me schmunchkin," and then she gave me a disgusted look and said, "stintin Daddy!" I gather it isn't her favorite nickname, but it is ours - so I guess she will have to live with it.
Poor Sully. I think that face says it all..."the next person who comes near me will die!" The girls don't actually pull off dressing him very often, so this was a rare occasion. Lets just say - he dishes it out as well as they do. He is a cat of retribution!
And here are the culprits who are in for out kids, he will get you! (and, yes I do realize that Gavin is doing a cross-eye, and who knows what Gunnar is doing...boys!)
Gunnar had a class play yesterday. It was "Lewis and Clark". They did an amazing job! Gunnar was a drummer for one of the songs, and is dressed as a mountain man with a raccoon vest and hat. (Sadly, in this video the hat just looks like fuzzy hair on his head) Enjoy!

More to come...Tasha


Mitchells Sun Valley said...

You have such a great family and a great family life! It shows in all they do! What a blessing for them to have such a devoted Mom! Keep up the good work - Mommy work is never wasted time.

Mitchells Sun Valley said...

Hey, Gunnar, is that the coonskin hat we gave you years ago? Too funny if it is!! Great job!