Monday, April 19, 2010

Gavin's Baptism

Gavin was baptized April 10 by J.D! We are so excited for him, and appreciate so much what a good kid he is trying to be. Congratulations Gavin, we love you soooo much! We had Sande, John, Sheri, and Jordan all come up and spend a few days with us and it was so much fun to be together and make a fuss over Gavin. We also had my parents, Todd's family, Tyson's family, and Trevor all attend the baptism. Thanks guys for coming to support Gavin!

And here is Lily Sue pretty close to getting whatever it is that she wanted. Lily and Grace sang "I am like a star" at Gavin's baptism. It was adorable. It always amazes me how much my two little girls love to sing, and even more that they have no fear in public. We were all very proud of them.


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