Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gavin Turns 7

Gavin had his 7th birthday last week. We have been watching Madagascar 2 a ton lately and so he wanted an 'Alex the Lion' cake. Tasha took that as a personal challenge and made a huge cake. She made two separate cakes and then had cupcakes for ears and tons and tons of frosting. We sugared the birthday kids all up and then took them to play laser tag. Gavin said it was the best birthday everrrr.


Kathy Lee said...

I think I get more excited to see the kids cakes, than they do! Where does she come up with these ideas? AND is she keeping "notecards" on HOW she did it, for her sister-in-law to reference in the future? Kudos to Tash!!!!

Mitchells Sun Valley said...

Tasha, about those Crayola markers........?