Monday, January 19, 2009

Hanna's Birthday

Still can't believe we have an 11 year old girl. Our Hanna Bug turned 11 on January 11 although at times you'd think she's turning 16 or 17. Anyway, she had a "late night" party. We've been doing late night parties for the last few years, they are wonderful by the way, I can only handle so much girl stuff in one night.

This is a picture of the whole birthday party crew. Hanna is the one laying across the middle. These are all Rexburg kids so I'm not sure what the deal is with the gang flashing signs.

Tasha is so stinkin creative. I've shown posts of her cakes before and she always finds ways to come up with new cakes for the kids. This cake represents a sleep-over, even though they didn't actually sleep over. The little girls are part Twinkies and part marshmallow and vanilla wafers.

Hanna cheesing for the picture with the cake.


Patti Epperson said...

I love the cake. Sorry I am such a great aunt to forget Hanna's b-day. I don't know how Tasha comes up with such amazing cakes. All my kids love it!! Great Job!

steph said...

That cake is awesome! I want directions. My kids would be so impressed. Did you make it up or was there a website?