Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hanna story...

I was hoping to have some photos of Tasha and Hanna, but you'll just get the story. About a year ago Hanna and I sat down and mapped out a few goals together for her Faith in God Award. One of her goals was to read the Book of Mormon in one year. We wrote out a contract that if she would finish the Book of Mormon, we would take her by herself to Salt Lake City to see General Conference up close and personal. Well about six weeks before General Conference I asked her how things were going. She still had over 150 pages to go so Tasha figured out a schedule that had her reading 4 chapters a day. Tasha and Hanna went down to Salt Lake, just the two of them, and had a great time. Hanna timed it so she could take her Book of Mormon into the Conference Center and finish reading the Book of Mormon (Moroni chapter 10) while sitting there waiting to hear President Monson.

They went to the Saturday morning session and Tasha took the camera but it was raining so hard on that day they never got a chance to snap a photo. I was so happy to see Hanna meet the goal. She inspired Gunnar and now he is reading as well.

Oh yea, her other goal, babysit for 50 hours with the prize of getting her ears pierced...she finished that two weeks ago.


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steph said...

Way to go Hanna. That is very impressive! Wow, you guys are sticklers - 50 hours of babysitting for ears pierced. Maybe I should toughen up a little. I need to hear some more ideas. I might try the BOM thing.