Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Yellowstone Fun

Gracie was so dang cute. She walked around the entire park carrying a plastic Minnie Mouse Cell phone "taking pictures" at every stop. The phone has a little button and it makes the sound of a snapshot. She would line people up and take "photos". The Japanese tourists thought she was a riot.

Gavin gets caught doing a jig. Not sure why the kids starting dancing on this particular board walk but Tasha managed to snap a little video. Enjoy.

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Smitty's Place said...

Wow! What great Yellowstone Fun you had. And what great pictures! You'll have years of memories to share from your pictures. I'm thinking of our family trip & the memories those pictures bring back. (Where are those?) win the photographer contest! Your artsy-fartsy pictures of natures wonders R lots better than mine!! I'm so jealous I wasn't there! But thanks for sharing the pictures so I could enjoy each & every step with you. It was almost as good! Love Mom!