Monday, August 25, 2008

Splash Park

Went to the Splash Park in Kennewick, WA. Had a great time and Lily Sue loved getting wet!


steph said...

What a cute family. Our kids are pretty close to the same ages. They would probably be buddies if I were still in our hometown. I am impressed but not surprised by your cake ability. After hearing about all the canning your doing, cakes are nothing! You were always the domestic one!

Jan said... guys haven't had a fun summer at all have you??? Splash park, huckleberry picking, camping at Palisades, I am jealous. I can't believe how big your Lily is! One year old? Time flies....Your kids back to school pics are really cute too. Hannah and Megan are so grown up! I am glad they are enjoying it...maybe next year we can request the same teacher. Thanks for adding us to your blog...I will do the same. Tell Tasha hi...we miss you guys!