Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Trampoline

We finally broke down and bought a brand new trampoline. We had inherited an older trampoline that the kids wore out until it ripped about two months ago. The tear in the old tramp went right down the middle and we found the kids actually enjoyed playing with the ripped tramp for quite some time. Alas, that finally wore out and Tasha insisted on getting a "safer trampoline". So we bought the mother of all trampolines. It took about 4 hours to set up. We are still all smiles here. I had helpers for the first 20 minutes or so.

Day number two and about 4 hours into the project. The kids drove me nuts asking when it was going to be finished and they kept trying to jump on the trampoline before it was ready. Finally I finish, there are no kids to be found and I had to ask Tasha to come out a take a picture. I told her to tell the kids the tramp was finally ready, where were all the kids? Scroll down to the next photos!

The kids were too busy playing with the BOX the trampoline came in!

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