Monday, June 23, 2008

Visit to Nauvoo

I just got home from directing a week long trip to Nauvoo. The group consisted of 36 youth ages 16 to 20 years old. We had three counselors, a faculty director and his wife, and me and Patti. It was a wonderful week. This is the 8th tour I've been in charge of in Nauvoo and it was one of the better weeks. We had amazing weather (sadly, we didn't really even pay much attention to the flooding). It was great to have Patti there with me. We spent each night talking and laughing together and we also had a great time discussing doctrine and the life of Joseph Smith. I just knew that Patti would fall in love with the spirit of Nauvoo just like I have. It was a great week thanks to Tasha and Sheri for helping out at home.

This is a photo of Patti speaking to the youth just next to the Monument to Women statues. She did a great job and the youth really liked hearing from her. 29 out of the 36 participants were female.

The Nauvoo Temple at Night. Photos do not do it justice, but it is an amazing site.

I think Patti got tired of hearing my man love for Hyrum Smith. I don't feel like I could ever be a Joseph Smith, but I could be a Hyrum, loyal and faithful to the end. This is a photo taken in front of the temple where they have a statue of Hyrum and Joseph commemorating their last ride together.

Photo of Patti and me in front of the Temple

Photo of all the youth in front of the Temple before heading inside to do baptisms.

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