Monday, April 14, 2008

Still dreaming of summer

This photo was taken last summer in Kennewick, WA at the splash park. It is (left to right) Jake, Gunnar, Robbie, Hanna, and Gavin.
We had a great day yesterday in Ward Conference followed by a youth fireside with the Stake President. I was asked to speak during Ward Conference and so I had to sit on the stand for two hours. Needless to say, poor Tasha had a heck of a time getting the kids to cooperate. But she managed to survive.
I left for work pretty early this morning and I called home to see if her day was going any better...she was headed to the Dr's office because Gracie had shoved a plastic ball of some sort up her nose!


Grandpa John said...

Great pictures! So, what did they have you speak on at Ward Conference? Also, why did Ward Conference take TWO hours!?! Ours are maybe ten minutes longer than normal Sacrament meetings.

J.D. said...

We have a two hour Ward Conference and then we go home. I don't know why, just something our Stake has done for awhile. Each President was given a whopping 5 minutes to discuss 2008 goals, so it was quick and easy. Same old stuff, duty to God and Eagle Scout goals.