Friday, March 28, 2008


OK, it's about time we get a little serious about the "family" stuff. Needless to say, Rob's passing had a great effect on my thoughts over the past few weeks. I always appreciate getting together as family. As a matter of fact, I still carry around with me 20 goals I created for myself on August 14, 1993. I just happened to be serving my mission in Ireland at the time I created these goals. Goal number 5 on my list is "always visit or call relatives whenever you can". I remember when I created this goal I had been in Ireland and away from my family for 18 months. I missed everyone so badly. The thought of being able to call family and visit family whenever I wanted to happiness to my ears.

That being said, times go on, life changes, kids are born, and life gets crazy. I have created this blog to help keep tabs on the Griffith 7 (J.D., Tasha, Hanna, Gunnar, Gavin, Grance, and Lily Sue). If you'd like to check in from time to time, please do. If you want to create your own blog, please do!

We'll try and keep it light and we'll try to update it as best we can.


Grandpa John said...

This is a wonderful idea, one that I would hope we all keep alive. Yes, it would be nice to have everyone create their own blog, linking to each other. I agree that the last month has made us all recognize the need and desire to remain connect. As soon as I get back from Hawaii, I will try to create a blog as well. We would love to see the other 19 goals you created while you were in Ireland. I'm sure I have seen them, written in a letter from you, but I gave all those letters back to you when you returned from your mission. We are enjoying our last day here in Hawaii and will be returning today. It is always with mixed feelings that we return, we are relaxed, tan, rested, and ready to get back into the daily grind. I did do something I had always wanted to do; I went skiing on my 60th birthday, the day before we left, and the next day was laying on the beach. I did something else too, I took surfing lessons. I have heard people say that 60 is the new 50, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm just 50! Thanks again for this great idea. Love you all.

Kathy Lee said...

This is awesome! I will try and set up a blog for my family. I am getting re-acquainted with this 'computer' stuff since returning to work. It's starting to all come back to me! (thank goodness)

I don't watch American Idol, but it happen to be on the other night, while we were giving Ava a bath. One of the contestants back story reminds me of your little Gracie! She was the youngest of four, and used to drive her siblings crazy, becuase she would sing and sing and sing where-ever and when-ever! When they would complain to their parents, they would just laugh replying, "One day this could lead her to something big!" And sure enough, it did. So, let it all out, Gracie!

By the way, Dad forgot to mention that he is limping from his surfing lessons by jumping off his surfboard onto a patch of coral. Still feelin 50? Catch a wave, dude!

Also, something pretty cool and interesting...Craig told me of a dream he had the other night. He said it was very vivid and felt "real". Rob was sitting on the couch with all of us, and Craig kept saying, "How is this possible? How can this happen?" and that I replied, "Ssshh...just go with it, I'll explain later." He thought I was referring to something in the church that he didn't know about. Something that could make it possible for Rob to be with us. How very neat, huh! He said it made him feel close to Rob. I was talking with Erin today, and she told me there have been a few incidents like that to happen to her family, as well, but that Andy had yet to 'feel' Rob, and it's been really hard on him. Sometimes I think we are in so much pain, that it makes it harder for others to fell that closeness to your loved ones. Rob is probably trying to reach out to Andy through his family.

I think we all still miss him terribly. And it still hurts like heck. I envy Craig's dream... an epiphany just now! Maybe Rob's reaching through Craig to all of us?

Kathy Lee

J.D. said...


That is very intersting story about Craig and Rob. I too have hoped to have some sort of "dream" or experience. It dosen't happen to everyone. Rob passed away at 6:25 a.m. but earlier that night Tasha had a dream about Rob too that maybe she'll share someday.

When Gary passed away, his oldest daughter had a pretty real dream that Gary was sitting on her bed. I know that the other kids felt bad and wanted something like that, but it has been a year now. Not sure what the answer is, but it helps to know that Rob is still with us.


Smitty's Place said...

John David,
OK, I capitulate! You can have your very own don't have to post to mine...but you do have to show me how to link mine to yours since yours is linked to mine. Tony is still giving me grief over naming ours "Smittys Place" but I was in a hurry when I set it up & had just been talking to my sister who uses 'smitty' in her email address, so I went with it. All of you can appreciate the irony that my social security card still bears the name Sandra Smith, can't you? ho ho laugh at Mom's-expense nothing new with that. Love the pictures & happy for Gav & the bike. I did send my condolances. Please post upcoming events, i.e., Gunnar's baptism details.
Love, Mom & Tony

Smitty's Place said...

Kathy, Craig is having what we all refer to as 'a golden missionary moment'. Call the missionaries & they will explain.
Love, Mom

Grandpa John said...

If it were not posted on April First, I would believe it. Hope all is well.